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*** Narrator :

           4 best friends who really get along (Tasya, Viyona, Chika, and Desi,). 2 of them like the same guy friend; PUTRA  his name.
Both are very different, both in terms of appearance, and their properties. T
asya  tomboyish girl, and Viyona feminine girl. In their daily lives on campus, men are much closer to Viyona, but sometimes also with Tasya very close.
Putra  who would impose his choice? Tasya ? or Viyona?
The conflict behind such a harmony of their friendship. Everything is there in this drama, for more details, let us follow more the following;

 *** Procedure :
      After reading the introduction, it introduces readers to dance with each player and role. After introductions, the drama begins and readers to read his part as an explanation for the audience.

*** Narrator :

asya, Viyona, Chika and Desi was a friend of a very harmonious.
asya and Viyona both like the putra,  Putra Unfortunately just like one of them. Hatred arose between the two friends. Although they do not say it, but it looked very much through their attitudes: if the son is closer to one of them.
One day, there was a misunderstanding between them, this is the reason for
Tasya  to hate Viyona, but the real reason was  Putra. Tasya  Every day seems to be cool and really do not like the Viyona. Every time Viyona invited Tasya to speak, simply remove the awkwardness between them, Tasya  only responded with answers and sarcasm. One afternoon on the campus:

=> Viyona : hey, how are your friends, why do you own?Ø where Chika and Desi?
=> Tasya : Where I know, this did I guard them?Ø
=> Viyona : not so, I guess they had with you.Ø Well, then I'm home first well,,
=> Tasya : hmmØ
=> Viyona : you thinking?Ø I think really really cynical, you are so angry with me? Your attitude is another couple of days really. We're not enemies, we were friends. You again have a problem ? tell me please?...
=> Tasya : not important!Ø Lazy ! I went first because there are lectures. Bye ...
 (tasya viyona simply leave it alone)
 Viyona: eh, but ......

(Sad song and dance, while Viyona went home).
 The next day in front of the campus, everyone was abuzz outside. (Accompanied by the spirit of song and dance. After that
putra  also appears).

=>  Putra : Good morning friends.?Ø
=>  Friends : (other): hai putra ?Ø and (other): good morning  ...

While chika busy telling his friends.

=> Putra : hey chika, good morning.Ø Else where?
=> Chika : hai.Ø Probably yet to come, tra I need to talk with you.
=> Putra : of what?Ø important?
=> Chika : yes!Ø Very important! It's about Tasya  and Viyona. I'm confused since the problem task, like Tasya  really hate the Viyona until now.
=> Putra : yes.Ø You're right. I'm also confused, but it's just misunderstood. We must find a way out so they could goodness again.
=> Chika : I agree.Ø This we should also talk with Desi.
=> Putra : OK.Ø Let's go.

***Narrator :

       After a few minutes they arrived in class. Desi came, they discuss the matter because the real problem is  Putra. And it is already known, Chika and Desi, they finally have a plan to help reconcile their two friends.

=> Desi : Putra, I want to ask you, if there are two people who like the same girl you are, about what would you do?Ø
=> Putra : Well,,, I would have to choose one of them.Ø But why all of a sudden you ask that? Does anyone like me? wah ...... who is it? Is she pretty? I introduced him ........................
=>  Desi : the foundation's confident!Ø I just want to know! But .... If it's your friend, how??
=> Son : ehh??Ø The point? (A few seconds after that) aha! (Putra  looked at Daisy while smiling). Surely you love me as well? let's admit? you are as who else does? Not beautiful? If you've still would have rejected me! right you ugly! Who the hell?
=> Desi : ye!Ø Basic ugly! anyone who likes to have me! (Chika just laughed) if same one likes you, he's already blind! ass hell to be proud of you! already ugly, idiot, not hanging out too!
=> Putra : Eitzz!Ø Be careful if talking! gini-gini are brothers Justin Bieber! (While cengengesan)
=> Desi : wuahahahhahahhahØaha .... Not heard? Justin Bieber? fantasize! uh let me give ya know ... if not to far away dream ..... IMPOSSIBLE!
=> Putra : do not believe?Ø okay! Tomorrow I take pictures we were kids playing together.
=> Desi : hahahahhahaha  DREAMS!Ø

Chika and desi just laughed out loud.

=> Chika : enough,enough!!!Ø tra, but seriously, what is practically the same Desi .... How?
=> Putra : (surprised face).Ø So? 2 girls that you guys?
O Lord, what sin your servant,,, why did you give these two demons who likes me?
(Chika and direct Desi menjitak head, he too ran in pain).

=>  Chika : heh camel!Ø Who likes you the same? 'd better like it at  real camels deh ... rather than have me!
=> Desi : right!Ø (Putra's face suddenly turned serious).
=> Son : eh.Ø But I also want to be honest as you, I also really like someone close to us. But I hope you guys do not hate me. Every close to him I did not dare look at him, I fear she hates me and turned me down.

(With a very surprised face, they both turned to him)

=> Desi and Chika: huh?Ø Who is she? our friend? Tasya? Viyona?
=> Putra : mmm, but you do not hate me.Ø you have to promise!
=> Desi and Chika : yes!Ø
=> Putra : really?Ø
=> Desi and Chika : yes!Ø
=> Putra : Tasya,.Ø (While waiting for their reaction was very surprised, he was ready to run away for fear of being beaten).
=> Chika : is it true?Ø you serious? (Desialso no less surprised)
=> Desi : Putra !Ø You're not lying?
=> Putra : hey ..! I could not possibly embarrass myself just for telling lies! I'm serious!Ø
=> Chika : Tra!Ø you are very lucky, because Tasya is also the same like you. And actually you are not a major problem rukunnya them. You need to talk honestly with them.
=> Putra : but ....Ø Would not it just going to hurt them?
=> Desi : yes.Ø True, there will only be added they hate each other.
=> Chika : now all the decisions in the hands of you, and ........Ø ooo ... I think it used to be because they've come.
sya and Viyona walked along toward them).
=> Viyona : hi all?Ø
Putra, Desi, and Chika: hai ...Ø

*** Narrator :

Tasya  was silent, listening to music over headphones plugged into his ear. class started, and during the class near the Viyona only Putra, and joked as lovers. Tasya looking at it very uncomfortable, (singing and dancing together, while Tasya sat there staring at the Putra and Viyona and more fun joking). Class ends and Tasya  immediately left the class. Previous time,  Putra  has asked for help Desi and Chika to explain to them both. Because they do not want any more hostility, then Desi and Chika plan. Shortly after that they talk to each other ber4 and honest. After hearing it all, Tasya and feel embarrassed and awkward Viyona from each other because of selfishness, dishonesty, arrogance makes them forget that friendship is more important than anything. Tasya  eventually leave them and go home. Followed by the others went home.
 (Song and dance or the song itself).
 After a few seconds,
Tasya  arrived at her home to meet Mom and tell it.

=> Tasya  : Mom, roughly according to the mother, what should I do?Ø I was so ashamed of my friends, especially on Viyona, I feel myself like a child, I was really embarrassed and did not dare look at them. What should I do?
=> Mother : honey ....Ø Do not blame yourself! really normal! Everyone has experienced the same thing, fair dear ....... Right now everything is clear, so how do you react to it now? you're an adult, do the best you think you have to do. Mom will always pray for you.
=> Tasya : thank you mom ...Ø
=>  Mother : yes dear ....Ø

A song .........

*** Narrator :

The next day they met in college and are still reluctant to one another.
Putra suddenly comes from behind and surprise them.

=> Putra : hey ....Ø (They ber4 surprise).
=> Chika : base your crazy!Ø want to make us die young?
=> Putra : woo! Basis!Ø wrote not that much stronger! suck! What if suddenly there was a bomb? Suck!

Tasya and Viyona see each other still, he immediately pulled their hands and into the classroom). Arrival in the class, Tasya  met Viyona and apologize.

=> Tasya : Viyona, I'm sorry,,, about everything.Ø Sorry I'm selfish, do not remember if our friendship is much more important.
=> Viyona : yes.Ø I'm sorry, I'm too selfish. I'm sorry ..............

Both are made up and shook hands.

=> Putra : ehm,ehm,ehm ... if already here ... treat-goodness treat rayain kek ... so ...!Ø

(They both just smiled menjitak
Song and dance or just a song.

****  Narrator :

       Eventually they make it up again and again 2 friends, because at that time Desi and Chika tells them that Putra actually had a couple on other campuses, and they love each other, despite the fact that  Putra  is like  tasya. But he never shows it at all. He just made the atmosphere that continues to make Tasya  jealous Viyona see it. (The atmosphere is accompanied by songs and no dialogue, just completely acting).
Character and appearance of a tomboy and Ta
sya  irregular, jutek, it even made  Putra can not not like it. In contrast to Viyona very feminine and maternal.
The difference is what makes getting to know his feelings and
putra  persuaded him to be buried.
They are friendly and caring 5 back to each other, although they remain the same feelings, but they still hold fast to the promises they made to keep the new value and not destroy their friendship with the hurt feelings of other friends.
That friendship. Friendship is a bond that is very simple, just takes patience, honesty, openness, mutual love, mutual respect, and selfless. That friendship
perfect. The love between the friends, it will only damage the friendship that has existed in harmony, but love can not also be blamed, because he was a gift from God and nature, which is placed in the person of every human being. Syukurilah love that is in you and never blame others, when too likes the same person, because that perfect of  Friendship and Love. Should be no tears, hatred, sacrifice, and willingness, because that's where you will be aware and never forget to always be grateful that you always have that he never stopped to give unconditional love for life. If now you weep,,, do not worry and do not be afraid, there will be a laugh behind the tears of happiness waiting for you. Human being who has a friend and love to be thankful and grateful, because not everyone can feel it.

s for the time to watching our drama.gbu all.

Song and dance. All on the stage.

                                        By: Novita "_Viyona_" BLESTERAN BELTIM

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